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Fees and Payment

The rate for a 45-minute in-person or web-based individual therapy sessions is $90.

The rate for a 45-minute web-based or in person coaching sessions is $90.

The rate for assessment services is a flat $500.00, which includes time spent: interviewing, scoring measures, report writing, and giving feedback.

An initial consultation to determine if services are appropriate is provided free of charge. All sessions are offered for daytime, evening, and some limited weekend appointments. Payment through Paypal is preferred. Contact Autism Advantage at 720-263-6413 or dr.chris@autismadvantage.com for appointment information.

Dr. Chris accepts insurances in Colorado including United Behavioral Health (Optum), Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Anthem), Medicaid, Medicare, Colorado Access, and Behavioral Healthcare Inc. Currently, fees for web-based therapy and coaching sessions are not generally reimbursed by insurance companies. Colorado Medicaid will pay for web-based services if the client lives in a county whose population is under 150,000. Please check with your insurance company to see if web-based sessions are covered under your plan.




Due to licensure restrictions, Autism Advantage individual autism spectrum diagnostic assessment for adolescents and adults are limited to those located within the states of Texas and Colorado. These assessments include a diagnostic interview based on DSM-5 criteria, completion of several psychometrically sound measures by both the individual and family members, an assessment report with diagnosis, and a feedback session to discuss results. The diagnostic interview and feedback session take place through Skype or other web-based modalities or in person, and the assessment measures can be completed through mail or email. While every effort is made to protect confidentiality and these online modalities use encrypted signals, absolute confidentiality of conversations cannot be guaranteed by Autism Advantage.


Due to licensure restrictions, Autism Advantage therapy services are currently only available to those located within the states of Texas and Colorado. Therapy is a healthcare service and involves the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders. The therapy process may include a personalized assessment with personality and career testing to help clients understand their own unique strengths and challenges. Ongoing sessions will utilize that data to help with decisions regarding career and social goals, as well as Cognitive and Behavioral treatments for anxiety and depression. In recognition of the technical strengths of our clients and lack of qualified providers in many communities, Autism Advantage offers individual therapy sessions through Skype as well as other web-based modalities. In person therapy sessions are also available for residents of Denver Colorado. While every effort is made to protect confidentiality and the online modalities noted use encrypted signals, absolute confidentiality of conversations cannot be guaranteed by Autism Advantage.


Autism Advantage coaching services are available to individuals, couples, and families nationwide in person or through Skype and other web-based modalities. Autism Advantage has researched and created a unique and original coaching package to help our clients identify and understand their advantages and overcome their challenges in as little as 12 sessions. Coaching is not a healthcare service and differs from therapy in the goals, focus, and level of responsibility. Coaching does not require a diagnosis and the services provided are not considered treatment. Coaching is a professional relationship where the focus is developing and implementing strategies to reach client-identified goals to enhance performance and personal satisfaction. It may address specific personal projects, social skills training, life balance, job performance, job satisfaction, or general conditions in the client's life, business or profession. As part of the coaching process, an evaluation will be completed with specific goals and behaviors. Social skills coaching is coaching that is focused on teaching and utilization of communication and interpersonal skills.


Current innovators reported to have autism spectrum conditions